Thursday, June 4, 2009

Laurelhurst Art Walk '09

The annual Laurelhurst Art Walk took place a few weeks ago, and it was an event not to be missed. I spoke with several artists and jewelry makers displaying their goods for sale, and even though the economy is in a down-turn (hopefully soon an up-turn) plenty of people came to show support for the artistic community.

It was the perfect day for it, 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, slight breeze, the smell of fresh cut grass and new beginnings. My friend Neyda joined me, and we walked the loop around Laurelhurst taking in the art and cute houses out of our respective price ranges.

It only happens once a year, so make sure you put it on your calendar for next time.

What follows are what I consider the highlights of the art walk. This is just the tip of the artistic iceberg, of course. There were far too many things for me to include all of them here. If you see something wrong, please let me know. I did my best to get all the info about the art as I was taking the pictures, but I am only human.

I spoke with artist Bonita Davis, her original oil paintings are inspired by real life. More of her work can be found at
This is the work of Whimsical Wonders: Darla Murray and Bridget Smith. Recycled glass garden sculptures.

Super cute "mixed collage" bibs by Heather Lee.

The neighborhood.

Some lovely wisteria hanging from a garage opposite Laurelhurst Park.

These necklaces are très chic and they can be found at

The concrete garden sculptures (also by Spin Designs Inc.) remind me of a scene out of "Labyrinth".

Sweet wearable treats and adorable jewelry of the Gum Drop Shop.

More wares from the Gum Drop Shop.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this fuzzy little plant. It was soooo soft!

Functional glass designs by Debra Galaty.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Inspiration Walk

Every once in a while I run out of steam. I can't push myself to sit at the computer and type out the words that I know I should. And then the cycle of punishment begins. I nag at myself and belittle the things that I think. Nothing good can come of it.

So I take an inspiration walk. I just get out and look at the world. I try to see new meaning in the things around me in the hopes that it will spark the well that has run dry.

A few rainy days ago, we had a sun-filled one, and I took the camera with me to capture what I saw. If you find the gloom getting to you, hopefully these pictures can serve as an inspiration for something. Faux sunshine from you computer screen.

Columbia River Gorge

I'm doing a couple of sunny weather posts today in order to counteract the gloomy weather.

A few weeks ago, when the sun first came peeking out, I decided to take the day and go for a drive up the Gorge. It was still chilly out, and the leaves on most of the trees were slowly peeking their little buds out to test the air.

I pulled off at the Portland Women's Forum State Park Viewpoint, also known as Chanticleer Point. Feeling brave, I grabbed my bag of essentials (books, journal, pens, water) and marched on through the gates down the overgrown dirt road. Not knowing where it would lead me, I wasn't even sure if it was part of the park (there was no sign regarding trespassing), I wandered along until I found a bend in the road that overlooked the highway and the river. It was peaceful, and the birds were making their little bird noises as they welcomed the first warm day of spring.

I sat for quite a while in the breeze, writing and reading on a blanket I had spread out on the grassy edge of a dormant blackberry patch. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me. It sounded like heavy footsteps. I sat up at attention, not knowing what would come traipsing around the bend of the road. It got closer and closer, until I could see the outline of what looked like a very tall person walking with long strides. I sat still and waited. What came around the bend was a young girl on a chestnut brown horse. She was startled to see me, but not as startled as I was. It was not what I expected.

A line of nearly ten horses and their riders quietly and softly walked by me. I know enough about horses that if you are on the ground you shouldn't make any sudden moves, so I sat very still and waited for them to pass, smiling at the riders.

I didn't want to stick around until they came back on their way out, so I packed up my blanket and things and headed back up the hill to my car. I drove a little further to the Crown Point overlook and took a few more pictures.
Inside the Crown Point Vista House.
Wool spinning demonstration.

The view from the balcony of the Crown Point Vista House.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ha Ha Ha... Love it.

This is hilarious. Time to wake up people, no one cares what you are doing every second of every day. If you ask me, narcissism is the biggest hurdle our generation is going to have to overcome.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lessons Learned

For some reason, I can't sleep. So I bring you: lessons learned.

I learned this lesson a while ago, but I'm just now remembering how funny it was, even at the time. So my friend and I (we'll call her J for anonymity's sake, but she knows who she is) were having a pint down at our local pub (okay, so even though we're not British, we can dream, right?) and we got to napkin writing. I was explaining the virtues of Flarf poetry to her, and then we got into Lambertism. Anyway, the following is actual photographic proof that poetry and alcohol do not mix. Unless you're trying to be funny.

And if you want to know what it says but can't read the writing, here's the translation:
The goat wants a glass
of honey for the sparrows
in the laundromat.
Beer for the masses in quantities
beyond belief make drunk fishes
that swim in circles that
create the currents in the ocean
& control giant snowmen in Africa
Charity lies in the new
red flag and the children
want molecules of pure
fog in their pails of
gruel for the hamsters
Light fragments & the pretty
people of the world control
cursive writing and dance in
endless meaningless until the
music falls like raindrops onto
pillows of cotton crowns
The lucky prank finds gold
in the bottles of skunk juice
and the lettuce fingers wants
a bloody nail to puncture the
truth in justice of chiffon
Silver knives and silver bells are not so
varied in Mars atmosphere crazines
where Lindsay learns lollypops while chewing
phones to little stars and launches
rockets into dreams far away into Peter
Pans NL
Do you want a sausage tree
to grow in the land of
carrots? what would comets
bring to the party of licentious
mandibles and frank lilacs?
Hot dogs and corn pops float in the batter
of dog hairs and levitate beings from
another world until vapors of putrid
sweat stain the bedsheets in kings
llama and bows of satin.
Cerulean salt breath in landmines
of caramel and coral beads
of sweat on a carousel of pigeons
in a pineapple of ruby altruistic
notions and lotions of milk and
honey bush tea trees.
Photos of buckets and steam of movies
sound the alarms of fire president of
ill and fate fall in sand dunes and
cry bold rivers of forks that receive
great compliments of Harmony & Love
pandas in the lower basin of Guilt.
As you can see, it deteriorated into a warped stream-of-consciousness exercise. At least we weren't bored!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remember When...

Cartoons were actually good?
This was one of my favorites growing up. Hilarious!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Exciting News!

I am going to be published!
Words can't even begin to describe how excited I am right now. This has given me the energy boost I needed to finish up work on a few of my projects. If you are interested in buying a copy of the book my story will be in, the website is here:

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.